Walking and Hiking Trails

If you plan to set out walking in Lansing Iowa one of the best spots is right along The River. Great views and level walking make this a favorite and feel free to sit and relax anyplace that you see a bench as that is generally City property.

Another easy walk that innkeeper Frank Ebersold suggests to his guests at Thornton House B&B in Lansing is to walk down Diagonal St. from the B&B toward The River. At the end of Diagonal St. you can enjoy the view then look straight down the hill and you will see a 'green space' maintained by the city and accessible by all. Continue down the green space and about halfway down you will see the stairs to ease your descent down to Highway #26. Cross Highway #26 and continue down to The River and then right (walking south) and you will see Main St. Continue up Main St and note many of the historical buildings that line Main St.

Mt. Hosmer (Main and 6th St) also has 3 walking trails that offer excellent vistas over Lansing and The River. These trails are generally shorter trails and most can be walked in less than 15 minutes or so.

If you want something more, Effigy mounds State Park (about 30 minutes south of Lansing is a State Park with ranger guided tours and well worth investigating.It is named after the mounds the Indians constructed in the shapes of animal effigies.

Yellow River State Forest is also an exceptional park with a beautiful lake/lagoon that also offers hiking trails and caters to guests that may also bring horses for riding the trails.

The Top Three Hiking Gear Picks

You do not want to be caught outside without a few necessities no matter where you may be hiking and here are my top three must-have hiking gear accessories.

#1 The Ultimate Survival Kit In A Sardine Can.

Yes, they do exist and for under $15 you can have 25 items critical to survival if you need them. Seriously though, it is a perfect gift for a hiker or someone who enjoys the outdoors. Click the picture for the 25 items in the can you need for survival!


#2 Magnesium Fire Starter.

Yes, evidently metal burns and it burns real hot in this case. The idea behind this is to shave the magnesium into a tiny pile and then using the built-in spark side you can ignite the magnesium and add kindling to get the fire going from there. Works no matter how humid it is and even if the device has been subjected to water. Another great gift or good to have just in case! Click the picture for more details.


#3 Water Purifying Straw.

Water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Now you can turn bad water to drinkable water with this neat gadget. It's been a long time but I may start drinking out of creeks again while hiking with one of these gadgets that even remove large bacteria and other nasty things that can do more than just give you intestinal discomfort! For around $10 it's another great item to have that can really save the day. Click the picture for more details.