Historic Lansing Iowa Bridge

The Lansing Blackhawk Bridge was designed by Melvin Stone and privately built in 1931 by the Iowa-Wisconsin Bridge Company which sold shares and operated the bridge as a toll bridge until an ice dam damaged an auxiliary bridge on the Wisconsin side. The main bridge was operable but sat unused from 1945 to 1957 at which point Iowa and Wisconsin assumed ownership of the bridge and made the necessary repairs to the auxiliary bridge and also raised the causeway to the main bridge to prevent flooding over the road. The original bridge also had a wood deck which was changed to the steel grid in use today.

The bridge remains incredibly sturdy despite the occasional yearly barge that runs into one of the outlying pilings erected for this reason.

All photos except the black and white photo are courtesy of Dan Moy of Chicago who has authored a book called \'The Blackhawk Bridge of Lansing, Iowa\'. His book can be found by clicking here. Copies are also for sale locally in Lansing at the Eagles Nest Gallery on Main St and also at the Thornton House B&B in Lansing, Iowa.

The original photo celebrating the bridge opening is below.