Amazing Numbers Of Tundra Swans and Bald Eagles

The majority of people who visit the Upper Mississippi come to see eagles. On a summer day, you can watch bald eagles soar in the blue sky all up and down the river.

 Just north of Lansing, the Brownsville (Minnesota) Overlook, dedicated in November 2009, provides a magnificent panorama giving visitors an opportunity to witness extraordinary events on the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. From eagles and pelicans, coots and ducks, to tundra swans and geese, it's a birdwatchers’ bounty. The map shows the tundra swan breeding range far north in Canada. When you see them at this lookout, they will likely be dining on the starchy roots close to shore- just look for the 'bottoms-up' swans!

The Overlook, which is not too far from the Iowa border, offers visitors amazing wildlife sights, including the annual cycle of the tundra swans blanketing the river in a sea of white. Annually, more than 40,000 people visit the site to witness the magic of migration and to listen to the unique song of the tundra swan echo across the river and bounce off the bluffs. The tundra swans number in the 50 thousand range during the November migration and the sounds of that many swans is deafening and recommended! The Brownsville overlook is on Highway #26 about 15 miles north of Lansing along The River.

Top Tundra Swan Extras

A Tundra Swan flag? This would look great if you live on or near The River where these fly by on their way north and south. I doubt you could find a more artful and tastefully done flag that celebrates these swans! Click the picture for more details.


Click on this link for details on Migration behavior of tundra swans from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska.: An article from: Wilson Bulletinalt . It's a good article and also can be read on your handheld devices for a portable read.

If you are new to birdwatching or have been a bird watcher for some time, this book can give you some creative insights that can really improve your chances of seeing interesting birds while out 'on the hunt'. As any seasoned birdwatcher knows, there's more to successful birdwatching than just hopping in the car and this book is designed to give you the edge and methods that the most successful birdwatchers use. It's a great gift idea as well! Click the image for all the details.


Lastly, here is a good read for kids from the Smithsonian Wild Heritage Collection that details the trip of a Tundra Swan family from the Chesapeake Bay back to Canada by Thanksgiving Day. Click the picture for details.